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Apply for a park access permit

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Apply for a park access permit to access and/or work on park property in accordance with Park Bylaw 2014-077. An approved park access permit must be present and posted at the site. 

There may be an application fee.

Only the following organizations and individuals can apply for a park access permit:

  • utility companies that need to access their easement
  • contractors working on behalf of the city
  • neighbourhood groups that require vehicle access to a park for an approved event
  • property owners, if there is an immediate health and safety need, such as a dangerous tree

Required documents

Before starting your application make sure you have the following documents:

  • certificate of insurance with at least $2 million in coverage, identifying the City of Waterloo as an additional insured
  • proof of a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) clearance certificate

Parks will determine if a refundable security amount is required. The security amount will be returned once restoration work to the park is completed to city standards.