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Booking and event planning form

You can use this form to do a simple location booking (like a meeting room or sports surface) or start the process to plan an event.

This application is to be completed if your event is:

  • taking place on City of Waterloo property
  • interrupting a public roadway located in Waterloo
  • open to the public or a private event

Review the Plan an event web page for information to help you complete this form. The web page lists the locations with the facilities and services available at each one.

All event or booking requests submitted through this form are not secured or approved and locations are not booked. Answers are not binding. Additional permits may be required.

Next steps:

  1. You will receive an email with the filled out form.
  2. Your request will be forwarded to the team that can help you based on your answers in the form.
  3. City of Waterloo staff will contact you within two business days to help you finalize your event details, help with permits or insurance if needed and secure the location booking.  

This form has two pages.

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Section 1: Contact information


Section 2: Event type and booking location


A public event is one that anyone may attend and it may be a ticketed or a free event.

A private event has limited attendance that the public may not attend such as a corporate event, club event, wedding or family picnic.

A neighbourhood event is held to bring together people who live in a certain area of the city, such as a street or block, for community building. See examples of neighbourhood events.

Choose the event type that matches your audience so we can direct your request to the correct team to support you.