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Affordable Housing Grant Program application

The deadline to submit is 2:00 p.m. on May 31 2024

Detailed program requirements and conditions are available in the Affordable Rental Housing Grant Program Policy.

Before you start:

Prepare the following supporting documents that are applicable for you:

  1. Incorporation documents 
  2. If a partnership, the partnership agreement and/or memorandum of understanding and a list of partners
  3. Proof of not-for-profit status
  4. A solicitor's certification that there is no ongoing or pending litigation or liens against the applicant or any related entity or liens against the property
  5. Proof of ownership (or accepted offer to purchase) or long-term lease (25 years or more in duration) of the subject property
  6. In the case of a long term lease, a letter from the land owner providing consent to the applicant to apply for the grant on the basis of an agreement to construct affordable housing units on the lands
  7. Full disclosure of any relationship between the applicant and any for-profit entity/organization
  8. In the case of a relationship with a for-profit entity under Section 3.2 of the Policy, all existing agreements between the not-for-profit and the for-profit constructing the affordable units
  9. Detailed project summary, including proposed and/or approved building plans, drawings and/or site plans
  10. Supporting information from a qualified professional that the proposed project interior exceeds accessibility requirements in the Building Code and that the exterior achieves the city’s accessibility standards
  11. Supporting information from a qualified professional that the project exceeds energy efficiency requirements in the Building Code
  12. Two most recent audited financial statements or, if not available, other information to substantiate or establish liquidity and debt management is required (not applicable if grant is $50,000 or less)
  13. Copy of the project proforma including at minimum the proposed capital and operating budgets, any equity to be contributed by the applicant and any other sources of government funding (if applicable)

Only complete applications will be considered.

You may save your application and return to it before final submission using the Save button. Once it is submitted, the application cannot be changed using this form. You will receive a confirmation email on submission.

Questions about the program and your application can be emailed to:

To view a copy of the Sample Contribution Agreement email:

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Applicants are eligible to apply for funding under this grant program subject to meeting the following program minimum requirements, check all that apply.

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Refer to the policy (PDF) for a list of project types that are not eligible for the grant program.

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