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Committee of Adjustment Application for Minor Variance

Request a minor variance to the Zoning Bylaw using this application

Before you start: 

Notice of Public Record
All information and materials required in support of your application shall be made available to the public, as indicated by Section 1.0.1 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 as amended.

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Planning Act and will be used to process this application and may be publically disclosed.

Questions about this collection may be directed to the Commissioner of Integrated Planning and Public Works, Waterloo City Centre, 100 Regina Street South, P.O. Box 337, Station Waterloo, Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8. Telephone 519-747-8752.

Have you consulted with a staff member before starting this application?
Confirm that you have considered the following before continuing this application. Submit relevant documentation with this application if it applies.
Is your application required to go through the Site Plan Review Committee process?

Section 1: Applicant information

Provide your contact information as the applicant

Identify your role for this application.

Section 2 - Subject land details

Provide information about all lots of the subject lands of this application

If there is more than one lot that is part of this application, click the button with text "Add another address".

Has this land been the subject of a minor variance application before this application?
Is the subject land also the subject of a current application under the Planning Act for approval of a plan of subdivision?
Is the subject land currently the subject of any current application for consent under Section 53 of the Planning Act?
Has the owner previously applied for relief of the zoning category in respect of the subject property?
Is the site located within a Source Protection Screening Area that is subject to a Section 59 Notice?

Fill out the zoning requirements for the lot described

Lot frontage (metres)

Lot depth (metres)

Lot area (square metres)

Front yard setback (metres)

Side yard setback (metres)

Side yard setback (metres)

Flankage yard setback (metres) - if corner lot

Rear yard setback (metres)

Lot coverage percentage (%)


Landscape open space requirements

Accessory building side setback (metres) - if one exists or is proposed

Accessory building rear setback (metres) - if one exists or is proposed

Driveway width (metres)

Building height (metres)

Provide details about all existing and proposed structures on the subject lands.


Is there an existing or proposed building or structure on the lot?

Section 3 - About the existing use of the property

What are the existing uses of the subject property?
What are the existing uses of the abutting properties?

Section 4 - Information about the variance requested

Does this proposal require a severance, right of way, easement or lease?

Section 5 - About the existing services on the property

What is the current water supply for the subject land?
What is the proposed water supply for the subject land?
How are sanitary services provided for the subject land?
How are sanitary services proposed to be provided for the subject land?
How is storm drainage accommodated on the subject lands?
How is storm drainage proposed to be accommodated on the subject lands?

Section 6 - Upload documents for the application

Provide the following documents for each application:

  1. If the applicant is the purchaser or the purchaser's agent, a copy of the portion of the agreement of purchase and sale that authorizes the purchaser to make the application in respect of the land that is the subject of the application.
  2. A sketch showing the following:
    • project name
    • applicant name
    • name of the firm preparing the plans (if applicable)
    • dimensions provided in metric 
    • scale of the drawing
    • north symbol
    • municipal address
    • names of adjacent streets
  3. The environmental screening questionnaire
  4. The water source protection screening form
  5. The Notice of Source Protection Plan document (if relevant)
  6. Any other documents identified as required during a pre-application consultation with city staff

View the web page for more information about the documents required.



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Section 7 - Acknowledgements

Check the boxes and sign below for the following acknowledgements

Section 8 - Owner consent

Authorization from the owner of the property is required to apply for a minor variance. If you are not the sole property owner, a letter of authorization from the property owner(s) including their contact information and signature must be attached to this application. Unless otherwise noted, all communications will be sent to the agent or tenant if the applicant is not the property owner. 

Consent must include the following text: I hereby authorize the City of Waterloo and each of its directors, officers, employees, solicitors and agents to enter onto the above noted property(ies) for the purpose of evaluating the merits of this/these application(s) or request(s) over the time this/these application(s) or request(s) is/are under consideration by the City of Waterloo.



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